The #1 CRM platform in the world

What is Salesforce?

Talking about Salesforce means talking about the number one CRM platform in the world. Now you will ask yourself: what is Salesforce? what is a CRM? Don't worry, we'll explain.

What is Salesforce exactly?

The concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consists of bringing together the ability to know who your customers are, how they came to you, how to communicate with them, and how to make them loyal to you in a single tool.

This industry leading CRM platform has become the world’s most important business ecosystem in the cloud, enabling different sectors and companies of all sizes to connect with their customers in a totally new way through the latest innovations in mobile technology, sales, services, marketing, analytics, etc. With everything located in the cloud, you can reach your goals from anywhere like never before.


How can you take advantage of Salesforce CRM?

Let’s leave theory behind, what do you think if we tell you that the integral management of your company can be done from a single management tool? That is exactly what the Salesforce CRM consists of; it's a platform in the cloud that will help you grow your company, changing the way you interact with your customers. Imagine being able to energize your sales team, creating a 100% personalized customer service and 360º multichannel marketing campaigns and having total control of both the actions that are carried out and the status of your goals. All this in addition to being able to grow in a controlled and scalable way in all areas of your company.

In other words, this is the way to treat your customers one by one, knowing their tastes, buying preferences, and more, providing the best possible service. It’s as if we were talking about the treatment we receive from our trusted shopkeeper, but applying it to the thousands of contacts of your company. For this, it is necessary to use a platform that allows you to centralize communications with your customers while you get progress and status reports. All this is possible with the different clouds that make up the Salesforce universe.


A walk in the clouds

Thanks to the different tools or ‘clouds that make up the Salesforce CRM, it is possible to offer an integral service that helps your company grow by changing the interaction with the customer.

  • So, to sell faster and from anywhere, Sales Cloud. The way to see what happens in your company in real time through a quick and intuitive application, which will offer you correct sales forecasts while helping you to detect opportunities and problems to know the way forward.
  • In the same way, it is possible to supervise the client’s activity in each channel, answering it almost immediately, while improving the productivity of your business and solving problems quickly, through the Service Cloud.
  • In addition, thanks to Marketing Cloud, it is possible to combine different tools for disseminating and selling your product on a single platform, developing multichannel campaigns and creating unique experiences for customers.
  • Also, with the help of Community Cloud, you will be able to create dynamic and participative communities so that clients and colleagues can grow together helping each other.
  • The applications can’t be missing, therefore, with Apps Cloud, you can create, design and develop your applications in a single ecosystem to generate more personalized experiences.
  • And as the results have to be measurable, Tableau, the way Salesforce CRM collects, analyzes and distributes your business data.
  • Finally, IOT Cloud, the way to connect and analyze the data produced by your products, mobile devices, etc., to automate intelligent decisions such as alerting about delays in the departure of a flight, warning of traffic congestion, or adjusting the speed of wind turbines depending on the weather, making this tool the most scalable cloud platform in the world. That’s why when you ask what is Salesforce? the answer is simple … The CRM nº1 in the world!


How do we use Salesforce at Leadclic?

At Leadclic, we live the Salesforce experience as a philosophy of life, not just as a line of business. The implementation of the Salesforce CRM and the full range of its products is a sign of Leadclic’s commitment to technological innovation. Our experience is our best guarantee and the recognition of the most important companies in the sector is a guarantee of success.

We are proud Salesforce Platinum Partners, one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, recognized with the following awards, among others:

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