Service Cloud Voice

"Service Cloud Voice is the new Salesforce function for integrating customer service in the cloud with our CRM. We unite the call center with the rest of our digital channels and integrate voice to offer an efficient experience and resolve doubts as quickly as possible. This is how we improve our sales ratios.”

Óscar Gordon Service Cloud Voice expert at Leadclic

Integrate voice in your CRM with Cloud Voice Services

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice helps us improve the client experience with the native integration of the voice channel in Salesforce. We use artificial intelligence for client interactions in real time, using active listening and finding solutions as fast as possible. The call center receives calls from just one command center and works with an automatic transcription process that we can save for future needs. With Service Cloud, you increase the productivity of call centers in cloud customer service.

  • Integration in just one console
  • Automatic recommendations
  • Call transcriptions
  • Accessibility
  • Real-time monitoring
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