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“Each customer has different needs. Therefore, there cannot be a standard implementation of Salesforce. At Leadclic, we make sure that each customer has the version of Salesforce that best suits their business processes and we ensure and facilitate the optimal use of Salesforce using all the company's resources."

Nora Paseo Solution Architect of Leadclic

Salesforce Optimization and Implementation

Salesforce Implementation

We perform a complete audit of every process in your company to fully understand your business needs and then implement Salesforce to meet both your needs and your company user needs. Also, we establish strategic goals with you, as a team, to decide what is the most successful Salesforce implementation for your company to achieve the goal with the best possible structure. With these guidelines, we make the most out of the Salesforce Cloud for your company.


The first step to take in the successful implementation of Salesforce is to perform a tailor-made consultation. At this point, we will discuss the strategy, migration, and simplification of processes. This ensures the implementation of Salesforce with a solid foundation.

Adoption / Training

Once we have a clear structure for the implementation of Salesforce, we must consider other aspects. At this point in implementing Salesforce, several aspects are involved, such as the coaching, training, and support we offer at Leadclic for the complete implementation of Salesforce.


Sometimes we do not carry out Salesforce implementation from scratch, as the program is already functional and just needs optimization. At Leadclic, we are also prepared for this type of re-implementation, with specific and special actions.

We optimize it for your Company

We put all of our experience at your disposal to help you maximize the return on investment and, at the same time, discover all the unused functions in your version of Salesforce. The Salesforce Optimization Service helps companies that want to improve their use of Salesforce, optimizing adoption within the company, creating visibility of key points in the organization, ensuring they are making the most of the tool, and aligning Salesforce with their business development. Through the following 3 steps, we learn about your business processes and transform Salesforce according to your needs.


We perform an audit on your Salesforce session and this way we see how the installation of Salesforce is conducted. We offer a Solution Design Workshop during which we will work with you to identify the best configuration processes for your Salesforce environment. We create a document with the Solution Design in which we list methods to match your business needs and the best Salesforce practices to your version.


Configuration of Salesforce based on the key points detected in the solution design, implemented based on budget. Test and validation of your Salesforce configuration.


Training & Adoption to teach users Salesforce best use practices and to review the changes made in the CRM.

Our Salesforce expert will send information about the Improvements made in your Salesforce session. Creation of a Roadmap for improvements not covered in the development process.

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We needed to make customer information easily accessible to our employees at any time and place, and this is possible today thanks to Leadclic's development in implementing Salesforce within our company
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Mr. Carlos Cabrera Head of Marketing at CESCE
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Adoption and Training
It's time to make sure that your entire organization makes the most out of the cloud
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