Marketing Cloud

"The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to connect with customers on each channel and device by bringing together all processes in one platform. The marketing teams can act more intelligently and productively and, above all, interact with the other areas of the company: sales and customer service. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the best marketing platform, but within the Salesforce Marketing cloud, we also have Pardot (B2B), which offers infinite possibilities to easily connect Marketing, Sales, and the Call Center"

Marketing Cloud expert at Leadclic

Connect Departments with the Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to discover how to connect with each customer, sending the ideal message through the right channel at the perfect time. Build custom journeys for each customer, unify data, personalize interactions, and connect with customers through mobile, social media, ads, web, from the cloud, and with just one platform.

  • Create a personalized experience for each customer
  • Access any data source from one place
  • Segment your customers in seconds
  • Customize each ‘customer journey’
  • Connect the marketing, sales, and customer service departments
  • Create emails easily
Marketing Specialists

At Leadclic, we are specialists in Marketing with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (B2C) and Pardot (B2B), in addition to developing specific marketing applications and using Salesforce as the basis of all the actions to be shared with the different departments: Salesforce Sales, Call Center, etc.

There is a lot we can do for you

At Leadclic, we offer not only implementation, but also all the business intelligence, analysis and support essential to successfully achieving your CRM strategy and goals.

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