Genesys Cloud

"Genesys Cloud is a secure platform in the cloud that allows you to design omnichannel client management strategies based on business processes. With it, the operator can obtain the information needed to give the best answer to the user. Thanks to this cloud platform, we can avoid unnecessary conversations that don't provide value."

Óscar Gordon Genesys Cloud expert at Leadclic

Improve the Client Experience

Genesys Cloud

The Genesys Cloud Contact Center is useful for responding to the omnichannel nature of the client and has the capacity to quickly visualize all user interactions with the brand to offer the best solution every time. It's a contact center in the cloud with superior analytic abilities, continuous learning algorithms, process automation, and an optimized level of security. Without a doubt, Genesys Cloud can help you improve the client experience.

  • 100% cloud platform
  • Multi-user architecture
  • Agile integration with third party platforms
  • Omnichannel client vision
There is a lot we can do for you

At Leadclic, we offer not only implementation, but also all the business intelligence, analysis and support essential to successfully achieving your CRM strategy and goals.

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