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Salesforce helps you connect with your customers in a totally different way. Salesforce is more than just a platform to keep track of the relationship you have with your customers and potential clients. It is an easy to use, flexible cloud management and communication platform, capable of evolving and growing based on your business processes.

At Leadclic, we've been for more than

15 years alongside Salesforce

Salesforce is made up of various clouds that contribute to everything an organization needs day by day. At Leadclic, we have specialized teams in every cloud and we will accompany our client in their jump to the Salesforce Universe and help them each step of the way.


"Tableau is a visual analysis platform that transforms the way we use data. It allows us to unify the data in just one location to analyze it, obtain valuable information, solve problems, and make the best business decisions. Located 100% in the cloud, Tableau is the strongest analytic tool from Salesforce."

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Salesforce Mulesoft


"Mulesoft is a systems integration software that allows you to connect various applications to facilitate data exchange. Through the implementation of multi-system business processes, the user obtains a global vision of their client and the market."

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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

"Service Cloud Voice is the new Salesforce function for integrating customer service in the cloud with our CRM. We unite the call center with the rest of our digital channels and integrate voice to offer an efficient experience and resolve doubts as quickly as possible. This is how we improve our sales ratios.”

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

“Sales Cloud offers maximum automation and productivity for sales and the optimization of business processes, aligning sales with marketing and customer service as much as possible, allowing faster and more intelligent decisions to be made."

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Salesforce Service Cloud

"Service Cloud enables us to improve the customer experience in each and every interaction with our company, making it easier for all employees to offer a personalized service through any channel"

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

"The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to connect with customers on each channel and device by bringing together all processes in one platform. The marketing teams can act more intelligently and productively and, above all, interact with the other areas of the company: sales and customer service. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the best marketing platform, but within the Salesforce Marketing cloud, we also have Pardot (B2B), which offers infinite possibilities to easily connect Marketing, Sales, and the Call Center"

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Salesforce Experience Cloud

“With both partners and end customers, the self-service communities fully enable and optimise these relationships. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, these interactions are much more direct and informal, which promotes the quality and commitment within them"

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Salesforce IoT Cloud

“This is the platform that really connects the Internet of Things with the Internet of the customers when associating the devices with real customers and specifically with the corporate processes that improve their brand experience”

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

“We seek to offer the customer what they want before they even know what they are looking for. With Commerce Cloud, you can bring together the purchasing processes and offer content and experiences according to what our customers and future buyers are looking for and what they want"

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Salesforce Platform

“It offers services and development tools that facilitate the creation of applications that adapt to processes in record time; through the API, it connects with everything we need, thus unlocking internal management systems. It's the agile layer of business in leading Cloud Computing for companies."

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Salesforce Pardot

“There is a before and after using Pardot. It is not just the ability to generate email or landing page templates, but the possibilities regarding automation, scoring, grading, etc. And all with a frankly spectacular level of integration with Salesforce."

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Genesys Cloud

"Genesys Cloud is a secure platform in the cloud that allows you to design omnichannel client management strategies based on business processes. With it, the operator can obtain the information needed to give the best answer to the user. Thanks to this cloud platform, we can avoid unnecessary conversations that don't provide value."

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Salesforce today is a Benchmark of
Leadership and Innovation
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