"Mulesoft is a systems integration software that allows you to connect various applications to facilitate data exchange. Through the implementation of multi-system business processes, the user obtains a global vision of their client and the market."

Marcos Hidalgo Mulesoft expert at Leadclic

Benefits of management system integration

Salesforce Mulesoft

On average, companies use 900 applications and only 29% are connected to each other (Salesforce data). This entails a significant data and information loss for the organization, in addition to the complexity of maintaining this network as it grows.

An integration tool like Mulesoft connects all the dots in an easy and manageable way. This has an important impact on the business, given that it allows you to create an omnichannel model and design high-level user experiences.

The star of Mulesoft is the Anypoint Platform™ Solution which allows you to connect applications through the API to create networks of data and devices in the cloud.

  • It's more profitable than traditional solutions
  • Better results are achieved through the connections
  • It's a quick, agile, and very efficient solution
There is a lot we can do for you

At Leadclic, we offer not only implementation, but also all the business intelligence, analysis and support essential to successfully achieving your CRM strategy and goals.

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