Personalization: The Key to Success in Account Based Marketing

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Content personalized to attract attention 

When targeting these accounts, we have to choose personalized campaigns; these are not just personalized by account, but also by the buyer persona within the account. That’s how we attract the client’s attention and have a larger chance for success.

The challenge is convincing the three buyer personas that coexist in the ABM: the one that wants it, the one that decides, and the sponsor. And each piece of content is different for each persona and must be available at all times. The strategy is created at this part of the conversation. 

Everything you need to know about account based marketing

ABM demands a high level of personalization. Previously, these kinds of actions were harder to pull off and more expensive, but new technology and tools make it easier. 

A well-implemented ABM strategy with the right technology and specialists can help improve the marketing ROI (return on investment), increase income, create more conversions and qualified potential clients, and align sales and marketing. 

After that, we must decide what message to send on each channel. That’s why content is so important when we talk about B2B marketing through ABM. 

What is Account Based Marketing? 

To correctly perform Account Based Marketing, we have to keep the following aspects in mind:  

  • Localize and manage the right accounts: the technology applied to ABM allows us to have all our contacts in the same place and identify each type of person within the company by different ratios, by both rating and scoring (something that tools like Pardot, for example, offer us). With this technology, we can locate and manage the accounts that we want to target. 
  • Channels: as we mentioned before, the content and strategies that we are going to use for each account can’t be reused because they are highly personalized. Technology allows us to design and execute personalized campaigns on each of the marketing channels (web, mail, social) where we want to launch them, but from a single management point. 
  • Measuring and optimizing: the ABM strategy should be measurable so we can show success and improve over time. The tools that Leadlic works with allows you to have control panels for each account and analyze them.  

 what are the keys to ABM (account based marketing)

How to execute an ABM strategy

To execute an ABM strategy, which will allows us to have stronger loyalty to our clients, we must follow these steps: 

  • Define the most important accounts: the sales departments, including customer service, must work together with the marketing team to find the clients that are the most important from a strategic point of view.
  • Identify the key internal buyer personas: the previously mentioned departments must work to find these accounts, assisted by technological tools that will help them know how to objectively organize these accounts. They must find out who has the need, who makes the decisions, and who are the influential people. 
  • Define content and personalized messages: content is fundamental in an ABM strategy. We must precisely define the message we want to send on each channel. 
  • Choose the channels: given the high level of personalization that ABM requires, we must choose which channels are the right ones and remove those that don’t meet our goal. 
  • Run coordinated campaigns: the actions that we realize on the channels must be coordinated to achieve the maximum impact. Current technology allows us to coordinate and execute these ABM campaigns on a much higher and more efficient scale than before.
  • Measure and optimize: these tools also allow us to measure and optimize marketing campaigns and constantly improve results after we’ve analyzed the results of previous campaigns and trends, from both the account and the market in general. Tools with artificial intelligence will help us analyze the data and obtain highly valuable insights.

Developing Account Based Marketing

As we saw before, technology is a helpful tool when it comes to carrying out ABM strategies given that it allows us to use our information and contacts in a more intelligent and effective manner. However, for its correct use and application, it’s first necessary to define processes that align the marketing, sales, and customer service departments. At Leadclic, we’re experts in this. 

Choosing the right tool for each case, campaign, company, and/or client can be complex. The market offers a number of tools, like Pardot, Mulesoft, or many of Salesforce’s tools. 
At WAM Global, we bring together Leadlic and We Are Marketing to offer companies a team that boasts knowledge and experience in various settings in the B2B world, knowing how to best combine ABM technologies with personalized marketing consulting.

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