Voice Recognition Technology: Key to Improving the Client Experience

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It’s very likely that you’ve used the most popular voice assistants in your professional life. All of these resources are known as natural language processors (NLP), where artificial intelligence technology (IA) is used to understand and process natural human speech. In addition, it tries to provide the right answer based on the user’s tone of voice. 

We’re talking about voice recognition, a very powerful tool with many benefits; however, it still faces a series of important challenges. Because the goal is that the language of these machines is as natural as possible, they have to be able to understand and distinguish between aspects like:

  • Context, words, phrases, and homonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Irony and sarcasm
  • Ambiguity 
  • Errors in text or speech
  • Colloquialism, slang, and accents

In addition, a machine listening and understanding a human and providing an answer in text is not the same as providing it in voice.

In any case, given all the possibilities that this technology has, this market is anticipated to increase 24% each year until 2023, according to Market Research Future. 91% of voice assistant users search online with their voice, according to a May 2021 survey of adults in the UK, US, and Germany. 

But this technology isn’t just for answering questions and completing searches; it can also help marketing and sales departments obtain client information, learn more about their needs, and give the right answer which therefore improves the client experience. 

How Voice Technology Affects the Customer Experience

Voice continues to be one of the preferred channels when users have to communicate with companies. In France, for example, a BVA group study revealed that 65% of people prefer to use the phone to speak to companies. 

That’s why companies must adapt their devices, channels, and messages to voice. If your company has an omnichannel marketing strategy, voice technology will be present in the not too distant future. Although right now it’s more popular in the post-sale phase, as voice recognition programs continue to develop over time, they will soon be present in all stages of marketing. 

Voice can be key to uniting interaction and commitment after a purchase. With it, we can confirm orders, send delivery date notifications, and provide tracking information. 

It’s key to take care of the different touchpoints that we have with the consumer and ensure that we correctly track and store the information they give to avoid duplicates. If they’ve already left us their personal information and explained their problem, asking a second or third time will just create annoyance which will be associated with our brand. Multichannel systems also require us to coordinate all our communication channels with users and unite efforts to resolve complaints, doubts, or demands as soon as possible. 

Key Voice Applications and Tools 

Companies can make the most of voice recognition tools in a variety of ways. It’s important to integrate this program with your CRM to use it; an agile implementation is another one of its benefits, as well as the possibility of working in the cloud and connecting with the tool from any geographic location, with free access at all times. 

Call centers are currently facing a long list of challenges:

  • Availability: a call center can’t go down; it would place the company in a critical situation
  • Infrastructure: thanks to cloud models, the infrastructure can be reduced
  • Uniform analysis: combine the data obtained through the voice channel to the rest of the channels
  • Integration: connect your call center with other apps and programs 

Here’s a list of applications that can successfully combat these challenges: 

Genesys Cloud Center

One way to integrate call center process automation is with Genesys Cloud Center. Its AI-based bot allows clients to serve themselves through common questions and problems. If something is too complex or needs a human touch, the call is passed to an active agent. The agent receives all the information and details to solve the issue. 

Genesys Cloud Center resolves problems with a platform that gives companies the possibility of connecting with their clients across multiple channels. Operators have the information they need in their reach to give the right answer to the client; communication is facilitated through chat, video, and calls within the company and avoids repetition with users (like asking for information multiple times or repeating the same questions). 

Its main advantages are the following: 

  • 100% cloud platform, use the cloud to facilitate your team’s work
  • Multi-user setup
  • Agile integration with third party platforms
  • Omnichannel vision of the client

Genesys Cloud increases customer satisfaction and, in addition, integrates perfectly with Service Cloud Voice so all information is collected just once.

Service Cloud Voice

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, there’s a solution to integrate voice customer service with the CRM: Service Voice Cloud. Natively connecting the voice channel in Salesforce has a lot of advantages: we use artificial intelligence to give automatic responses through voice robots and, if we detect that it’s not enough, we send the call to an active agent. 

This is what we get with Service Voice Cloud

  • Integration in just one console
  • Automatic recommendations
  • Instantaneous call transcriptions
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Real time monitoring

There’s a register and call recording system that transcribes calls in real time and therefore the agent can see it on their screen as they attend the caller. The transcription helps the AI provide recommendations about answers, provide knowledge, and advise the agent on what decisions to make. The goal is always the same: facilitate the work of the employee and improve the user experience. 

Implementing a voice channel support system doesn’t just open the door to new business opportunities, but also improves the client relationship and provides a large competitive advantage to companies. Bet on Salesforce’s useful technology. 

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