Genesys Cloud Call Center: Improve Sales and Customer Service


There are many benefits of using a cloud contact center. The principle is omnichannel: a cloud contact center allows you to quickly see all the user’s interactions with the brand to offer them the best solution for each occasion. This way, as operators, we have the information at hand that we need to provide answers without replying twice or getting it wrong; we avoid unnecessary conversations that don’t provide value. 

If you are interested in the technical reasons why you should choose Genesys as one of the mandatory elements of your CRM, keep reading. 

5 Reasons to Choose the Genesys Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Agility

It’s the first cloud contact center and offers rapid and continuous innovation made up of hundreds of independent microservices that, in the case of a failure, recover so fast that you wouldn’t even notice there was an issue. 

New functions can be added instantaneously to its environment without affecting other services or interrupting business. The solution is distributed and decentralized, innovation is sped up, and your company can take direct advantage of these benefits. 

One Solution

The majority of contact center companies design solutions or integrate new tools in separate silos. These silos don’t facilitate company collaboration or share information to create reports and present challenges to the final users. Genesys Cloud, integrating collaboration and unified communication, uses the entire organization to create support and improve the client experience. 

This platform eliminates silos and facilitates collaboration through chat, video, and calls throughout the entire company.  It provides the technology to focus on your customers, like the advanced ACD routing of interactions across all channels (i.e. finding the right agent to handle each interaction at the right time), convention and screen sharing, self-service with Salesforce IVR (all those pre-call menus/locutions), outbound campaigns, quality monitoring and assurance, workforce management, graphical agent scripts, and real-time and historical reporting.

Clients can communicate from any device, any channel, and at any moment and agents can manage these interactions without downloads or exhausting efforts. 

Transparency and Resources

Genesys Cloud allows you to easily access vital information, including prices and simple and flexible models, guaranteeing the SLA or response times and activity time. 

It has a complete center of online resources, full of valuable tutorials, documents, and articles. It also allows you to see the current operating condition by region and has proactive notifications. 

Quick and Easy Implementation 

With this tool, you can get it running within hours or weeks as its delivery and activation are very simple and don’t require software installation on the client’s web interface. Genesys Cloud incorporates the best practices that allow you to choose the optimal way to install it with just one click, including advanced bullseye or skill-based routing.

The policy administration tools are also easy to use and allow for document management, recordings, call services and other fundamental aspects of client engagement. 

Omnichannel Management from Beginning to End

This point is key. This solution unifies all the communication channels, interactions, and work elements, thanks to its omnichannel nature that allows you to design, monitor, and adjust the client journey and provide a constant omnichannel client experience. In addition to handling various interactions at the same time, agents also have the possibility to switch between channels simply and simultaneously. 

Genesys Cloud is powerful on the back-end in addition to being incredibly simple on the front-end; it undoubtedly improves income and business profitability. 

How Genesys Cloud Helps Customer Service and Sales 

If we think about the departments that benefit most from the Genesys Cloud Contact Center, Customer Service and Sales are the first to come to mind. And that’s because of the following reasons: 

Customer Service: Adaptability 

Achieving a dynamic and efficient client experience that attends to the needs of each client is easy. We can do it with the information we collect using Genesys Customer Care

If someone calls us and we have an open case in Salesforce, it’s very likely that they’re calling us for that reason. Therefore, we can pass them directly to the person in charge of the account. How many times have we had to tell the same issue to five different agents when we’re calling customer service? 

Another example is if we have a personal account in Salesforce with a field that indicates “preferred language.” Callers will automatically hear this language and the calls will be sent to an agent that knows this language. 

In general, we can use any field or available information in the CRM to adapt and personalize the information. Through the information we have about the client in the CRM, we want to provide the optimal level of customer service, trying to foresee the motive of their call and managing it as comfortably as possible. 

Sales: Save Time in the Call Center 

In the case of the sales department, focusing on improving productivity is fundamental. Call center sales usually have very low productivity rates; in addition, it’s common for telemarketing companies to buy databases with thousands of entries and their agents try to sell to each and every one of them. It’s very hard and almost impossible. 

To improve this, we have CRM tools like scoring and grading, which categorize and prioritize who calls first. In addition, on the CT side of the CRM, we have a system that automates the calls and only passes them to our active agents; the system calls these thousands of entries and passes them to an agent only when it detects that there is a real person on the other side of the call. This means that when the call is ended, the phone is disconnected, or it goes to voicemail, it doesn’t waste the agent’s time. 

When we prioritize client needs, we can provide better experiences that reduce frustration, increase satisfaction, and create better business results. Live analysis with automatic learning technology can provide real time valuable insights about the client experience, anticipate their behaviors, personalize their journeys, and adjust the analysis depending on feedback to reach the desired results.

To sum it up, the Genesys Cloud Contact Center ensures that the calls received from a call center are 100% personalized to increase client satisfaction. We ensure that the call goes to the right agent without having to ask for information again and again; we create a case for certain call closures such as a claim or generate automatic calls/tasks to give the last commercial push in the case of opportunities that are about to be closed. We encourage you to implement it in your company and enjoy all the advantages.

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