The Main Updates of Salesforce’s 2022 Spring Release

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Salesforce’s 2022 Spring Release has introduced a series of changes to stay up to date with market trends and best practices. Using the company’s own words, their goal is to offer the best possible experience to clients and empower companies to carry out more successful and smarter strategies.

Multi-factor authentication to improve account security, tools to support the sales team, updates in design and workflows, and ways to configure your company’s bots: these are some of the main updates from the Salesforce Spring Release. Write it all down! 

Salesforce Release: spring updates 

Multi-factor Authentication 

Starting on February 1, Salesforce users will be required to use a multi-factor authentication system (MFA) when they access Salesforce products. Salesforce MFA is accessible without extra costs; it can be activated directly on the platform or you can use the single sign-on service (SSO). The attacks that can damage companies are more complex than ever before and this is one way to safeguard access to Salesforce accounts and avoid phishing.  


Thanks to Revenue Insights, we can create more income, improve our future predictions, and build better sales processes. These changes announced in the Spring Release will apply to Sales Cloud; to use Revenue Insights dashboards, we will need access as users of the tool. 

With just one glance at the Overview Dashboard, you’ll understand the income your sales team achieved with just one look, with the most important information easily accessible. And with the Team Performance Dashboard, you will be able to improve the team’s productivity and identify the elements on which you need to focus your efforts. 

Tableau CRM Updates 

Currently in beta form, Ask Data for Salesforce has been introduced. It’s a service included in Tableau CRM to answer any question, even if we don’t have the information on hand or on the dashboards. We can enter our questions directly on the search bar of Tableau CRM’s homepage and it offers us metrics, graphics, smart recommendations, and suggestions; we can give feedback and select fields, values, or data to add to our question so that the tool improves its interpretation of our company language. 


Salesforce Flow Builder unblocks a series of interesting new workflows for all users. Now you can define the order of the workflows that are linked to an object’s register. Organize your workflows to achieve more personalized results without having to create overly complicated paths; automate links and divide responsibilities between teams or administrators. 

Filter items in a collection with Flow Builder; use the Collection Filter element and define the conditions. When the workflow is launched, it creates another collection with the elements that meet these characteristics and the original collection stays intact. In addition, with the Spring Release, we welcome Orchestrator, which gives us general access to Salesforce. With Orchestrator, we will be able to design complete business processes that involve various users in various workflows throughout many moments. 

Bot Improvements

Conversation Canvas is here to transform the way in which we configure our company bots. For many, this application will end the search between infinite menus and submenus to find the information we need. Conversation Canvas reimagines the Bot Builder to make editing and management much easier, visualizing the bot conversation workflow and discovering uses according to your needs. 

This is a summary of the main updates from Salesforce’s spring announcement. The list is long and there are many other functions to discover; we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all these tools, use Trailhead GO to keep learning, and don’t hesitate to adopt and learn about Salesforce solutions. It’s a platform that will make your project's growth much easier.

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