What is CRM Data? Elevate your ROI and Improve Information Access


Are you still not sure what CRM data can do for you? Do you manage your client information in a spreadsheet? Are you using sales strategies? How can you manage the user experience? We know it can be hard to answer these questions. That’s why we’ve collected all our knowledge as Salesforce consulting experts to create a complete guide that helps clear up your doubts and take a step in the right direction. 

¿Para qué sirve un CRM? Ventajas de implementarlo para tu empresa

Why Do We Use a CRM? 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes beyond a platform or software. It’s used by startups and small and large companies alike to administer and analyze client interactions, anticipate needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase sales, and personalize acquisition campaigns. If you are asking yourself what a CRM is, it’s a tool that helps you meet all these goals. 

We’re in the era of the client, of digital transformation, of new technology. In this scenario, the relationship between them also evolves and brings us to a new idea, known as the client experience. The concept of a CRM means focusing on the client; it’s a strategy, a process, a tool, and it’s technology. 

We wanted to create the Complete CRM Guide: Everything You Need to Know to explain everything that this kind of program can offer. And, although Salesforce CRM has had its cloud version since 1999 (23 years!), there are many companies that still don’t use it or know its full potential. 

What You Will Find in our CRM Guide 

In the downloadable document, you’ll find the following sections: 

1. Introduction to the CRM: Why is it necessary for companies?

In the first part, we’ll briefly describe what a CRM is and what it can do for you. In addition, we explain the seven symptoms that show a company is in need of a CRM.

2. Benefits of CRM Implementation:

we review all the positive effects that the CRM implementation creates within the company: from task optimization until the sales teams’ abilities are improved.

3. How to Strengthen your Business, Thanks to the CRM:

we review the aspects to keep in mind when tracking a 360º marketing solution and explain in detail the seven basic steps to building a successful plan.

4. Practical Advice to Maximize your ROI with a CRM:

we offer valuable advice for any company that wants to improve their ROI through a CRM Cloud system.

5. Conclusions about Customer Relationship Management:

we offer a final reflection about the importance of the CRM, backed by interesting data. We provide valuable information and practical advice about how to implement a CRM and start to design a successful business strategy. This document can serve many professionals as a way to dive deeper. 

Companies that use CRM have an Advantage

The main function of a CRM is to manage all the client information in the company to have the following information in one place: contact information, shopping history, tasks related to the sales team, and more. 

Many companies, especially smaller ones, use Excel spreadsheets. However, there comes a time when maintaining records and client relationships becomes almost impossible and it’s necessary to introduce a new, more useful and accessible control system for all members of the team. 

In addition, in an era where everything is related and the client experience has become more important than ever before, it’s fundamental to have the necessary technology to make it possible. The data speaks for itself; companies that use CRM improve the most important KPIs: 

  • 74% of businesses improve information with a CRM, which results in a more personalized service
  • The average ROI with a CRM is $8.71 per each dollar invested
  • 91% of companies with 10 or more employees use a CRM
  • 64% of companies say that CRM tools have a positive or very positive impact on their business

At Leadclic, we’re Salesforce Gold Partners, the #1 CRM platform in the world. We offer you our entire expertise as a consultancy for implementation, adoption, training, and support for Salesforce solutions. Bet on a CRM, a choice that will elevate your results and push your project to the next level.

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