Salesforce Commerce Cloud: your tool for B2B business


It’s true that B2B buyer behavior has changed. In fact, they now behave like a different buyer: B2B companies estimate that in the next three years, more than half of their clients will shop online. Another important figure is that 37% of B2B businesses prioritize their digital channel; eCommerce is the best way to reduce costs and help growth. Currently, however, ecommerce solutions that are offered in this area are deficient and cause economic losses. 

To fix this situation and help B2B projects generate sales and take advantage of everything that online shopping offers, Salesforce offers a cloud solution that’s integrated in its CRM and has lots of possibilities for the perfect online store design for each business. It’s called Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: offer the client what they want 

Create an online website focused on client needs, thanks to Commerce Cloud. This tool is part of the Salesforce ecosystem and has diverse characteristics that have many benefits.

It’s not just a shopping cart on a website; it goes much further than that. Commerce Cloud focuses on the complexity of product management for a client. It allows you to cover hundreds of orders with values over thousands of euros, with which you can negotiate exclusive prices for certain clients. 

Cloud eCommerce facilitates the work of clients by saving time communicating with suppliers. The tool’s automatic functions, the autonomy of autoservice, and online management make shopping much easier. And the companies that use it have a holistic vision of each client to be able to intervene and personalize their experience at every moment. 

From order management to payment options to the design of the website, every step can be customized according to your needs. Commerce Cloud updates are continuous and there are 4 axes on which B2B online sales are articulated and to which this cloud commerce platform provides an answer:

Cloud Commerce Solutions

Managing the user experience is one of the best tricks of Commerce Cloud. You can create drag & drop templates and enjoy beautiful and personalized pages on your website. The eCommerce motor is another of its treasures; it incorporates artificial intelligence with our search engine to offer the right suggestions when it comes to searching. You can create your online store using Salesforce’s base; the management tools are incorporated with the Salesforce Lighting Experience and, through the Lightning application, you can configure your store using its guide. 

You have a 360 vision of the client to manage the account and order without errors. In addition, the store is completely linked to the rest of the Salesforce experience tools: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and many more. Lastly, the reports and dashboards are very useful; Salesforce’s information exploitation system gives you many details. 

Use Salesforce as a CRM as the first step to being able to enjoy the advantages of Commerce Cloud. As we’ve mentioned, this tool is built on the Salesforce Lightning platform and allows you to integrate the B2B portal with the data stored in the CRM with maximum transparency. So, vendors can more accurately track both the business opportunities that arise and the clients that acquired a product with the intention of making them loyal. 

At Leadclic, we offer a technology consultancy to identify your digitalization needs. We can help you implement the Salesforce CRM with the integrated clouds that your business model requires: sales, marketing, ecommerce, analytics, and much more. And if you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make a great team.

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